How many views on Facebook pay how much money

How many views on Facebook pay how much money

Many of us do not know the answer to the question of how many views pay how much money on Facebook. Many people want to know about this topic after Facebook page monetization is launched.

Many may ask the question again, can you earn money from Facebook videos?

For them, I will tell you two ways to earn money from Facebook page, which I mentioned in the previous article. And today I will tell you how much money Facebook pays for how many views.

You may know that Facebook video platforms like YouTube have gained a lot of popularity around the world today.

Especially people watch videos (drama, movie, funny video, dance, song) etc. on Facebook to pass time.

Facebook videos go viral easily as compared to YouTube. Because Facebook videos can easily be shared by people.

And the more videos are shared, the more video views. And the more views, the more money will be earned.

However, for this you need to upload the video to the Facebook page and page monetization is turned on.

Remember, if you upload videos on Facebook ID then no money will be earned no matter how many views you get.

How many views on Facebook how much money?

We who are Facebook users watch many types of videos on the page while using Facebook.

In fact, what is the benefit of those who upload these videos? Why do they upload these videos to the page?

In fact, these videos are uploaded to the page and earn money by showing ads in the video through Ad breaks.

Now you may want to know how many views on the Facebook page how much money earns? I am explaining the answer to this question.
Know the correct answer

There are many small and big companies or organizations that pay Facebook companies to display their company or organization’s ads on Facebook.

Some of these companies or organizations pay large sums of money to Facebook to show their ads. Some companies or organizations pay less to show their ads.

Now Facebook shows the advertisements of all companies or organizations in different videos on the page. The company that paid more money to Facebook to show ads of that company gets more revenue from the video.
And companies that pay less to Facebook to show their ads, earn less when that company’s ads are shown in videos.

It can be seen that sometimes 1 lakh views earn 10 thousand rupees. And sometimes it is seen that 5000 rupees are earned for 1 lakh views.

Many people want to know how much they pay for 1 million views. Hopefully you will find the answer to this question yourself.

It totally depends on the ad placed in the video. If you advertise more money, you will get more income. And if you advertise for less money, you will get less income.
last word

Today we know how many views on Facebook pay how much money. If you have any question about this then definitely comment. And share if you like.

Many people ask how much money is equal to 1k? In fact, Facebook, YouTube and other social media means 1k is equal to 1000.


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